Subscriptions: Customer Management


Subscriptions can be maintained through the Scalefast platform and through the customer’s account, allowing for changes to payment details, tier levels, order plans and subscription status. These changes can be tracked in the customer account on the front end, in the subscriptions section in the back end and in the subscriptions report.

Viewing Customer Subscriptions

To view all subscriptions associated with a specific order plan, select “Manage Plans” in the “Subscriptions” tab in the back end menu. Then, click on the name of the order plan whose subscriptions you want to view.

This will bring you to the configuration page of the order plan that you have selected. Click on the “Subscriptions” tab at the top of the page to see a list of all the subscriptions assigned to that order plan.

This will display all of the subscriptions linked to the selected order plan, including the subscription ID. You may click on a subscription ID to see the details of that individual subscription.

Configuring & Updating Customer Subscriptions

On the individual subscription page, you may manage different aspects of a customer’s subscription depending on the project options selected. At the top of the page, you can review and edit the customer contact information.

For projects with customizable renewal dates, you may extend the renewal date into the future to allow for additional time before the customer receives their next installment. For projects with fixed renewal dates, this field will be locked.

The status field shows whether the subscription is “Ongoing” or “Cancelled”. Changing the status from “Ongoing” to “Cancelled” will assure that no additional renewals take place. Changing the status from “Cancelled” to “Ongoing” will reactivate the subscription, causing the next renewal to take place based on the parameters set in the order plan.

For subscriptions where a cancellation has been initiated but where the renewal period has not yet passed, the “Pending” flag will appear to the right of the field in blue.  When a subscription is pending cancellation, changing the status back to “Ongoing” will allow the subscription to continue as if it were never cancelled.

The “Order Plan” field displays the order plan assigned to the subscription. If the subscription product is associated with several order plans, then you may change the order plan here. If not, then this field will be locked.

Finally, the “Cancellation date” field will:

  1. Show the projected cancellation date for subscriptions pending cancellation.
  2. Show the past cancellation date for cancelled subscriptions.
  3. Remain blank for ongoing subscriptions.

This field is not editable.

The cart section of the subscription screen displays all the products in the subscription.

You may remove a product from the cart if the red trash can is visible. Please note this option may not be available for all products.

You may also add new products to a subscription by searching for them in the field below and then selecting the products to add. Please note this option also may not be available for all products and/or projects.

The “Transactions” tab displays the history of each transaction related to the subscription. Expand this tab to see the product ID, amount and date of when the subscriptions are sent.

The “Orders” section displays all orders or renewals associated with the subscription. Expand this tab to see the orders by Order ID, Date, Order value, and Status. If you would like to view all orders, select the "Show all orders" button below the Orders tab.

Changes to this page will be saved only when the “Save” button is selected.

Cancellation Surveys

In the event that a customer would like to cancel their subscription, your store can feature a survey or display message designed to retrieve feedback and keep the customers from unsubscribing.


  1. Cancellation Survey – When a customer selects to cancel their subscription from their account, a survey pops up and asks the customer a few questions to better understand why they are cancelling.
  2. Cancellation Benefits Message – When a customer selects to cancel their subscription from their account, a pop up message appears to remind them of the benefits of their subscription. Discount code and add-on items work well in retaining customer subscriptions.

For more information regarding this feature, please contact your Account Manager. 

Downloading Subscription Report

Subscription reports will show you an array of details related to your customers, their subscriptions and the revenue that is being generated by your subscribers. To download the Subscription report, go to Reports > Download reports:

Once the Download reports tab is open, choose the Subscription report from the drop down menu.

After selecting the Subscription report, the date range field will appear below. Select a date range and click Submit to save the date range:

Finally, you may provide a title and an email recipient for the report if you desire and then click on the Create reports button to process the new report for download. The newest report will begin rendering "In queue..." status in the first row in the Download reports section.

Depending on the length of the date range and the amount of data being rendered, the report Status may stay in queue for a few minutes. Refresh the page occasionally until the Status for the report changes from “In queue” to “Available”.

When the report displays “Available” status, it is now ready to download. To download, select the cloud down arrow icon on the left-hand side.