Social Selling Affiliation Program - Proof of Content

This feature includes several functionalities that have been divided into different functional specification documents. ​

The Affiliation Program  details the features related with affiliate management, commissions logic, payment to affiliates and affiliates report.

Affiliates Management

All Affiliates in any status will be shown in the View Affiliates tab under Affiliate option in our Merchant BackOffice side bar.

Important: Affiliates are also customers.

You can also filter your View Products  to see the assigned products and list of products sold per affiliate, you can give permission to affiliates for specific brands of products on sale.

The Backend View

Each affiliate will have its own Track ID  (numeric value) and each Track ID will have its own associated Social Track ID/Username that can include letters. This username is provided by the Affiliate on the Affiliation Form.. 

Requests will be approved from the Affiliate Request  drop-down. The Affiliation status can be:

  • Pending: You must complete the affiliation form and wait for a response (This is the default status after a sign-up as an affiliate process). ​
  • Approved: after being on Pending, they have been Approved as ​
  • Denied: After being on Pending or Approved, they can get Denied as Affiliates

An Affiliate that was previously Approved and was later Denied, will remain a Customer, but won’t have access to the Affiliate specific tabs that were once available.

Each status change sends an automatic email informing the Affiliate the corresponding action. ​

Once a request is Approved, the Affiliation is created. Each Affiliate page displays their information, including name, email, track ID, username (NEW), URL, date of affiliation, payout details, tracked orders and payments.

The personal brand name (Username) field is the one provided on the Affiliate form, it cannot be edited and is part of the Affiliate Personal URL.


For the Proof of Content (POC), the percentage of commissions will be fixed for all Affiliates, but taking into consideration the type of product:

  • Physical Products: 20%  commissions to the Affiliates
  • Service Products: 100%  payment to Affiliates (No “commissions”, is a payment of the full-service amount)

As specified on the process diagram, the commission of the physical products will be calculated to be paid on the next payment date after the order has been validated and cannot be returned anymore.

Service products will be calculated and paid on the next payment date after the service product has been redeemed. Services cannot be paid if the service has not been provided (code unredeemed). ​



  • Orders generated: Total quantity of generated orders that post Affiliate This includes all orders in every state. ​
  • Last generated order: Order ID from the last generated order. This includes all orders in every state. ​
  • Total earned: total amount of the commissions paid*. A commission is paid when is marked as so in the payouts section under affiliates. This is for manual payments but when we integrate with 3rd parties, we can change this to be automated.
  • Amount due: total amount of the commissions that are still pending to be paid*​

POC: Payments will be calculated by Scalefast and paid by Upfluence, a third-party entity. For the first part of the project, this process will be manual. For the second phase, we will integrate with Upfluence through API to automate this information. ​


  • Total payments: total of payments processed. This includes the payments in all states. ​
  • Transaction ID: ID of the payment transaction. ​
  • Account type: To be investigated by dev.​
  • Status: status of the payment (pending by default until it’s manually changed). ​
  • Date: when the payment transaction was created. ​
  • Amount due: unpaid commissions. ​
  • Payment details: when the payment chosen is PayPal, the PayPal information displays.