Serial & Activation Keys

Adding Serial Keys

Digital keys can be provided to customers upon purchase, during a pre-order, or on a specific time and date of the release.

First, you will need a .txt file containing the keys that you would like to provide to your customers. The .txt file is typically one single column with all of the keys vertical in the single column.

To add the digital key .txt file to your Merchant Back Office, go to the Products tab in the left hand side tabs, and select Manage Serial Keys.


Select the "+Create a new batch" button.


A pop up will appear with a selection to customize the name of the batch file or use the file name.


After making your batch name selection, select the Choose button to browse for the .txt file on your PC. A second option to add the .txt file, is to drag and drop it into the Upload field.

Once the upload field displays a "Success" message, click the Next> button.

The Next> button will replace with a "Go to batch" button, this will take you to the details page for that batch, and is the same URL used for linking a product to this specific batch.

On the batch details page, the Batch name, Total keys in the batch, Remaining keys, Creation date, and Last modification date displays.

When keys are distributed via purchase of the digital product, the keys will be assigned at random (for security purposes) as opposed to assigning keys top to bottom.

NOTE: If your product requires providing keys to customers who have already purchased or pre-ordered a product, the batch URL, batch name, or batch ID # will need to be provided to your Account Manager along with the product ID or product URL that needs to be linked. In this case, the URL can be located in your address bar while on the batch details page, or if you highlight your mouse over the left side batch title, the URL will display on the bottom left of your browser.

Linking Keys to Products

To link your keys to a digital product, click the "+Link products to this batch" button.

A pop up appears, with two fields, pre-orders and orders.

If your product is a pre-order, enter the product ID(s) that you would like to link your batch to.

If your product is an order that is already available in stock, enter the product ID(s) that you would like to link your batch to.

NOTE: Separate multiple product IDs with a comma, no spaces.

Once the product IDs are added, select Validate.

The product will display in the Products linked to this batch section below after it links successfully.

Settings for When Keys are Provided

Within the back office product details page that is linked to your batch, scroll down to the Activation keys section.

There are two options to enable:

  1. Is there an activation key provided once a pre-order is placed?
    • When enabled, this option will send out the keys to each of the customers as soon as they place their pre-order for this product.
  2. Is there an activation key provided once an order is placed?
    • When enabled, the keys will be provided when an order is placed for an item that is in stock, not for pre-orders.

Below 'Link this product with one or several existing batch of keys', the batch name will appear in a box within the field if it is already linked. If it is blank, then the batch is not linked yet and this can be done from the Upload field below.

If a batch needs to be changed, select the x on the batch name box to remove it, then upload the new batch.

When your preferences are set and the batch or batches are linked up, click the Save button to keep the settings.

REMINDER: If a batch is linked to more than one product, it is best practice to check the Activation keys section on all of the products to be sure the appropriate options are configured.

Searching Existing Batches

To search for a specific batch after you have added them, navigate to the Manage Serial Keys tab on the left side under Products.

By default, the Search batch of keys field displays itself at the top. To search by name, enter the batch name in this field and select the Search button below.

For additional filters, switch the Filters to ON.

Two more fields display:

  1. Linked to these products
    • If you would like to search for a batch by the product that it is linked to, enter the product ID(s). If multiple products are linked to the batch you are searching for, enter each product ID separated by a comma, no spaces.
  2. In these territories:
    • If you are searching for a batch linked to specific territories, select from the territories drop down.

After the appropriate field for the batch you are searching for has been filled out, click the Search button.


The Manage Serial Keys feature within the Merchant Back Office makes it easy to add, edit, remove and manage which products the keys are linked to and associated with.