Resend Tool User Manual

With this tool the customer service team can perform the entire resending process from Scalefast's Backend. The tool works for every 3PL, meaning it can be used for any Merchant.

Once inside the tool you have the option to select the products to be resend, add the product quantity and the reason for the resend.

This tool will also allow us to add one or more gift products, as long as they are in stock and the price is 0$/€/MXN

The tool will automatically detect the available shipping methods for the selected products, if the combination of products does not have at least 1 shipping method in common, you will have to make a resend for each product.

The maximum amount of resends that can be sent is double digits per resend


  • Only allows to do full resends for now
  • The report tool is not available yet
  • CC will keep adding the info in CINRAM even for full resends

The application of this tool works directly from the Order management system - When customer service receives a resend request from the client, warehouse or customer, they can perform the entire resending process from Scalefast Backend.

Reasons for resend: Technical issues, Lost in transit, Warranty, Damage, Missing item, Stolen, Wrong goods, Returned to sender, Other...

Resend Tool

Resend management button will be available in the order page at the BO, if the order has a physical product and corresponds to the following conditions:

  • Shipping State is different from “Not Initiated” (including “Requested” and “Delivery Issue”).
  • Payment State is “Captured”, “Waiting Refund”, “Waiting Partial Refund”, “Processing Partial Refund”, “Partially Refunded”, “Refunded”.
  • Order State is “Validated”.


  • Suspended products cannot be resent.
  • Resent products must be located in the same warehouse.
  • Resend products must have stock available.

Pop-Up View

In our Merchant Back Office,  go to the Order Detail  page. If the order can be resent, the Resend button will be displayed.

After clicking the Resend EDI  button, this pop-up will be displayed, it is where you can manage which products you want to send again, which shipping method or if you want to add a gift product.

Selecting the Products

It is mandatory to check the product/s we are going sending back to the warehouse. 

If more than one product in the original order, all must be selected for resend. If it is a multi-shipping order, the packages can be resent individually but always select all the items inside.

If you do not select all the products or enter all the quantities, error messages will be displayed when you click select Shipping Method   button.

If the product selected is in a state that is not “Validated” or “Invisible” an error message will be displayed when you select Shipping Method  button or Validate button.


Product Quantity

To Resend, it is mandatory to add the Quantity of each Product we are going to send back to the warehouse.

If you do not select any or wrong Quantity,  an error message will display when entering a incorrect input and select the  Shipping Method  option. 

Selecting a Reason

To resend, it is mandatory to add the reason for resending that product back to the warehouse.

  • Warehouse Issues  the warehouse contacts us if they did not receive or process the EDI correct.
  • Damage if the customers package arrived damaged.
  • Wrong Goods if the customer received different products from what they ordered.
  • Lost in transit if the package is lost en route to the customer.
  • Customer error if the customer made a mistake in choosing the package or while entering their address.
  • Stolen if the package is stolen on the way to the customer.
  • Others if the package is unobtainable

Only when a Quantity is entered and a Reason is selected, Select Shipping Method button will activate for Resend.

Free Products

When Resending EDI, you can add a Free Product being sent back to the warehouse. If you can successfully add the Free Product, the product ID and the Quantity added will be displayed, with the option to remove them.

To Resend a  Free Product, the product should have the same warehouse as the main product/s, being sent back, otherwise the Resend will fail.

If you select a Product ID that’s not valid as Free product an error message will display when you select the Add button. Other reasons why error messages pop up:

  • If the product entered is not valid
  • If the product has a price different form $0
  • If the product is out of stock regardless of its policy

Shipping Method Option

When Resending, it is mandatory to choose the Shipping method to calculate the correct amount for each product.

If the product combinations selected by the customer have the same Shipping Method, they will be sent together, all products can be shipped in the same package.

If the product combinations selected by the customer have different shipping methods or different prices, an error message will be displayed, it needs to generate separate resends for each.

Changelog Description

To Resend EDI, it is mandatory to add the Changelog description because it is important to save all the details of each resend, and to have a better control of each one. If field is empty, a message will display.

Validating Resends

Once all the information is properly entered and a changelog description is included, the Validate button will be activated to Resend order to the warehouse.