Product Filters


Product filters allow you to easily search for and display a group or single product in order to update or remove them. Filters can be applied to see only your store's physical products, digital products, by territory, or by their current status.

When selecting the Products tab, it will expand into six sections: View Products, Product Drafts, Add Products, Import Products, Manage Serial Keys, and Categories & Feeds.

Hover over the "i" icon next to each of the fields to display a quick help blurb.

To view and edit your existing products, click the first selection labeled "View Products" within the Products tab:

If you would like to see an unfiltered list of your store's products, skip directly to clicking on the "Search" button and your products will populate below.

If you would like to see a filtered view of your products, select the appropriate drop down, or enter in the SKU, UPC, JAN, ISBN of the product that you would like to display. After selecting the appropriate filters, click on the "Search" button to display the filtered product(s).

In the example above, the Bundle has been selected in the Type field. When you click Search, only products related to bundles will be displayed.

Product Fields

Under the Product section within the filters, there are four fields:

  1. Search - Enter your product name, a word of your product's name, or the vendor name.
  2. Reference ID - Enter the product's SKU or merchant ID.
  3. Merge products with the same reference ID? - If you have multiple products with the same reference ID, merge them in the display by switching this option on.
  4. Show only meta products - N/A

Details Fields

Under the Details section, there are five fields:

  1. Territory - Select the territory to display the products only available within that zone.
  2. Type - Type of products include Physical, Software/Games, Text File, Image, Audio, Video, Archive, Meta Product, and Bundle. Generally, the main products also are assigned a "Product Type Number" which needs to be used when setting up a campaign in the Advanced Editor.
    • Product Types with Product Type Number: Digital - 4, Physical - 6, Bundle - 9, Meta - 7

  3. Status - Statuses include Validated, Confirmed, Deleted, Suspended, Invisible and Sub-Product
  4. Category - The categories that have been setup on your store will display in this drop down.
  5. Currency - Search for products by the currency that they are sold in.

Reference Fields

Search for products by their reference IDs/numbers, five fields display in this section:

  1. EAN - Search for specific product by EAN.
  2. JAN - Search for a specific product by JAN.
  3. UPC - Search for a specific product by UPC.
  4. ISBN - Search for a specific product by ISBN.
  5. Shipping ID - Search for a specific product by Shipping ID.

Saved Searches

After applying the desired filters for the products that you would like displayed, there is an option to save the search filters so that they do not have to manually be entered each time.

For example, to save a search that will display only digital/soft products, select the Type field drop down and select Software/Games.

Enter a title in the "Save search" field to label the set of filters that have been selected.

Click Search, which will display the results and will also save your filter set.

After clicking Search, with the Save search field labeled, the new label will now display on the left hand side navigation under Products > Saved Searches.

Removing Saved Searches

As your store's needs may change over time, your filter options may change as well.

To remove the saved searches, select the one that you would like to delete by accessing it in the navigation on the left.

Once the saved search results are displaying, with the label of the saved search within the "Save search" field, select the Remove checkbox to the right of that field.

As soon as the checkbox is selected, the saved search will automatically be removed.


Applying appropriate filters will help you quickly find and display the products that you are looking for. For repeated searches that use the same filters, spend less time by using the Save search feature to label and keep your searches.


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