Order Refund


The Scalefast merchant platform enables you to provide customers with refunds on entire orders, single products, shipping costs and even custom and tax amounts. All refunds will appear in your merchant revenue report. When a refund is generated, a credit note is automatically created for the customer and the refund is immediately visible in the back office order page. This credit note is a document issued by the seller to a customer when a refund has been processed. It displays all information about the refund. Credit notes will always be available when clicking on the “View Invoice” button. When a refund is transmitted, an email is sent to notify the customer. The email will contain the order number, the amount refunded and the link to access the credit note.


Performing a Refund 

The refund button is located at the top of the order page. The button only appears if the payment status is captured.

Types of Refunds

When clicking on the refund button, a pop-up is displayed. You must choose a type of refund from the drop-down menu. There are three types of refunds:

  1. Total Refund
  2. Partial Refund
  3. Tax Refund

Total Refund

When choosing Total Refund, a pop-up will show the current order status. You must choose the appropriate status from the list in order to continue with the total refund: 

  • Cancelled
  • Fraud
  • Refused
  • Disputed


Choose whether or not you want to re-stock the products that you are refunding and then enter a comment regarding this refund in the Changelog & Note text box. This field is mandatory. Then, select the “Validate” button to process the refund.


  • The order status will change based on the selection you have made above and the amount refunded will appear below in red. 
  • Clicking the “View invoice” button displays the option to select the newly created credit note. A copy is emailed to the customer as well.
  • The payment status will change to “Waiting Refund” (total refunds will remain in this status even after the customer receives the refund).

Partial Refund

When choosing Partial Refund:

  1. Products are displayed per package, with the products listed first and the shipping below.
  2. The “Total charged” column displays the amount the customer paid for each product.
  3. The “Previously refunded” column shows how much has already been refunded for that line item, if any.
  4. In the “New Refund” column, you may provide the refund desired per line item.
  5. The “Subtotal”, “Taxes” and “Total refund” lines in red at the bottom of the table update as you configure the refund amounts. 
  6. The “Re-Stock order products?” toggle button is set to OFF by default. This can only be set to YES if the refund results in a total refund of at least 1 item of the order.
  7. The “Changelog & Note” field is mandatory in order to validate the refund. We recommend using this field to comment on the reason for the refund. 
  1. Choose the product(s) and/or shipping you wish to refund and then input either the refund amount or percentage per line. If the order has more than one of the same products, each unit will be displayed on a separate line. Bundles are treated as 1 unit. Refunds cannot be specified for individual products within bundles.
  2. The “Subtotal”, “Taxes” and “Total refund” fields will be updated automatically as you configure the refund.

If a partial refund was previously processed on the order, this information will be shown in the “Previously refunded” column. The “New refund” column figures will take into account the prior refund as well. The “Subtotal”, “Taxes” and “Total refund” fields will reflect the immediate refund only.

If the partial refund equals the remaining balance of the order, this will result in a total refund and the order will be cancelled. You will be asked to verify that you would like to proceed with processing a total refund. If you choose to proceed, you will be prompted to set the order status, choose whether or not to restock the products and then provide a changelog note (See Total Refund section above for more information).

Product or shipping lines that have been fully refunded before fulfillment took place will move to the “Products with all units cancelled” section at the bottom of the table. This indicates that they will not be delivered to the customer. No further refunds can be made on these lines.

Similarly, products or shipping that was free at the time of the order cannot be edited but they will appear in their original package section. No refunds can be made on these lines.

Refunds cannot be processed for less than 0.50 through this tool. If you must provide such a small refund, please contact your Account Manager for further assistance.


  • After a changelog note is added and the “Validate” button is clicked, the order status will change to “Validated (Waiting Partial Refund)” and the amount refunded will appear below in red.
  • Clicking on the “View invoice” button displays the credit note associated with the newly created refund. A copy is emailed to the customer as well.


Tax Refund

Tax refunds work just like partial refunds but allow for only the refund of taxes for each line item in the order. Processing a tax refund will result in a credit note that specifies that the refund is for taxes only.