Order Filters


This is a detailed tutorial covering all of the elements within the Orders tab within the Merchant Back Office. After completing this section, you should be able to filter orders, find specific orders, locate order details, change status, and many other essential features.

To get to the Orders section, select the Orders tab on the left, which will expand, then select View Orders.

View Orders Features

There are many parameters in the View Orders tab that allow you to quickly find the order(s) that you are looking for. "Search for orders matching" section displays the applied filters for your current search.

For additional help within the platform, highlight your mouse over the "i" icon next to each field.

Filters include:

  1. Order ID - For finding a specific order by ID.
  2. Order filters - Filter by Order status, Payment status, Shipping status, and Territories.
  3. Purchase filters - Filter orders by SKU, Product ID, Shipping ID, Type, and Payment methods.
  4. Customer filters - Filter orders by Last Name, First Name, Email, User ID and Group ID.
  5. Date & Amount filters - Filter orders by specific date range, amount range, or by card details.
  6. Localization filters - Filter orders by Country, City, Zip code, and I.P. address.
  7. More options filters - Filter orders by Flags, Flag Value, Changelog, Reseller ID, Affiliate TrackID, Tracking ID, Coupon Codes, License Keys, Order Type, and Subscription ID.

1. Order ID 

To filter directly to an order by order ID, enter the Order ID in the field and select the "Go" button.

2. Order filters

Each filter contains drop downs to select from:

Order Status
  • Initiated - Order has been submitted into the platform, payment has not been captured.
  • Validated - Order has been initiated, payment has been captured, order will process.
  • Abandoned - Pre-order cancelled by customer before the release date.
  • Refused - Order declined due to insufficient bank funds or fraud.
  • Cancelled - Validated order has been cancelled and refunded.
  • Disputed - If an order was disputed.
  • Dispute in Progress - A dispute is pending to be confirmed or denied.
  • Pending Capture - Typically displayed when collecting pre-order funds at a later time. Payment is scheduled to be captured at a future date, but not collected yet.
  • Waiting Customer's Action - Need customer to verify their account info on their end.
  • Waiting for Stock - Appears on back orders when item is out of stock and pending to have more stock.
  • Verification in Progress - Need customer verification to confirm a legitimate order.
  • SMS Verification - When a text verification is sent to the customer to confirm their phone number, pending to submit.
  • Verification Required - Order cannot be processed until customer verifies their info.
  • Fraud - Fraud prevention system flags the order as fraud, or if it is determine fraud by the Fraud Prevention team. Users who have this flag cannot make an order again.
  • Error - An issue has occured, please contact your Account Manager.
  • Pending Cancellation - Cancellation is initiated, but not completed.
Payment Status
  • Not Initiated - Order has initiated, payment has not.
  • Initiated - Payment has initiated after order has initiated.
  • Captured - Payment has been processed and received through the Scalefast payment provider.
  • Authorized - Funds are verified.
  • Refused - Payment is declined.
  • Waiting Refund - Order is cancelled, refund is processing.
  • Refunded - Order has been refunded.
  • Dispute in Progress - Order is in dispute.
  • Waiting Capture - Payment is scheduled to be collected at a later date, typical with pre-orders.
  • Try Capture - An attempt to capture payment has occured.
  • Payment Error - An issue is occurring while capturing the payment.
  • Waiting Client Action - Verification is needed from client's side.

Shipping Status 

  • Not initiated - Pending capture of payment, no EDI has been sent to 3PL.
  • Delivered - Order has been delivered to customer.
  • Delivery in progress - Order has shipped.
  • Partially shipped - If multiple items exist in the order, and the customer elects to have their products ship when ready, it will send out the first of the available items in the order.
  • In preparation - EDI has been received at the 3PL, is being picked & packed to be shipped.
  • Delivery issue - Issue with the EDI being sent, SKU not being set up or not having stock at the 3PL.
  • Requested - EDI sent to 3PL, not acknowledged yet.
  • Initiated - Payment captured, EDI has been sent to 3PL.
  • Acknowledged - 3PL acknowledges the EDI.
  • Refused - Shipping was denied.
  • Multi-shipping - Multiple items exist in order to be shipped separately.
  • Dispute in Progress - Occurs if a dispute is filed against the order.
Territories - Displays a drop down of all territories from which you can select from.

3. Purchase filters

Apply purchase filters to find orders by the following:

  • SKU
  • Product ID
  • Shipping ID
  • Type
  • Payment Methods

4. Customer filters

Filter your orders by customer details, including first name, last name, email and userID:

5. Date & Amount filters

Select the time frame, amounts, or partial card number to filter your order results by this information:

6. Localization filters

To display the localization filters, select the "Down arrow" symbol next to Localization, fields will expand in this area. Filters can be applied for Country, City, Zip Code, and I.P. address.

7. More options filters 

More options include filters by Flags, Flag Value, Changelog, ResellerID, Affiliate TrackID, TrackingID, and Coupon codes:

8. Saved Searches

After applying the desired filters for the orders that you would like displayed, there is an option to save the search filters so that they do not have to manually be entered each time.

For example, to save a search that will display only validated and unshipped orders, select Order States: Validated, and Shipping States: In Prep, Requested, and/or Not Initiated.

Enter a title in the "Save search" field to label the set of filters that have been selected.

Click Search, which will display the results and will also save your filter set.

After clicking Search, with the Save search field labeled, the new label will now display on the left hand side navigation under Orders > Saved Searches.

Removing Saved Searches

As your store's needs may change over time, your filter options may change as well.

To remove the Saved searches, select the one that you would like to delete by accessing it in the navigation on the left.

Once the saved search results are displaying, with the label of the saved search within the "Save search" field, select the Remove trash bin button to the right of that field.

As soon as the trash bin button is selected, the saved search will automatically be removed.


Understanding how to filter your orders will help you quickly find the group or individual orders that you may be looking for. In the next section, we'll cover Order Details.


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