Order Details


Once you have applied the appropriate filters for the orders that you're looking for, you can then select a specific order by Order ID to allow you to see further details about the individual order.

The Order Details contains customer and shipping info, fulfillment, payment, and fraud tracking.

Additionally, the Order Details section can be used as a pseudo-CRM, enabling you to flag, log notes, or email your customers regarding their orders.

After you've applied the filters that you wish to use, click the "Live Search" button below the filter fields. The filtered orders will display from most recent at the top to oldest at the bottom.

If you do not wish to apply any filters, to view all orders, leave the filter fields blank and click the "Live Search" button.

"Live Search" will display real time results, and can take up to a few minutes to load.

"Fast Search" is the quickest search option. Note that this option will be up to date with orders prior to the last 15 minutes and maxes out at 10,000 results.


Viewing Order Details

To view a specific order's details, select the order ID number on the left side:

Order Details Layout

  1. Order number, date order placed, order total
  2. Send an email, view invoice, or flag the order
  3. Customer information
  4. Shipping information
  5. Billing address
  6. Order status history & Changelog
  7. Cart Details
  1. Payment tab - When selecting the payment tab, the payment method, payment email, payment status, and payment history will be displayed.
  2. Affiliate - If your store features an affiliate program, customers who are signed up as affiliates will show an affiliate ID in within this box.
  3. Order Flags - If there are notes or flags related to the order, they will be displayed and accessible in this location.


4. Fulfillment - The fulfillment tab will display Shipping status (1), See shipping history (2), Create Return Label (3), Products included in order (4), Shipping Method & Status (5), Tracking ID (6).


5. Support Requests - The Support requests tab will show any inbound requests that are submitted to the customer support team. Information displayed includes Request ID, title/subject of the request, State of the request, the last Update timestamp, and when the ticket was originally submitted.


6. Risk Assessment - Every transaction is processed through our fraud protection system. The first layers of screening are real-time and automated. If an order cannot be determined to be fraudulent by automated screening, the order is flagged to process through our human intervention team to determine the authenticity of the order.


7. Tax Permit, Affiliates, Group & Flags - US Sales Tax Permit (1) can be uploaded if the user is an affiliate. Flags (2) will display any notes or information that has been added to the customer's file. Groups (3) allow you to see which group the customer is associated with. Affiliate info box (4) provides you access to the customer's affiliate page.


The Order Details section will help you determine a variety of details associated to each of your customer's accounts. Whether you need to contact your customers regarding an order, or you need order details to investigate, this section enables you to do both fairly quickly and easily.