Order Creation Tool


The Create an Order feature will allow sales reps or users to place orders directly from Scalefast's Merchant. 

In order to create orders from the Merchant Back Office users must have special permissions which will allow them to search products, add them to the cart, create discounts, change the prices of the products and fill all the information related to the shipping, VAT, TAX, payment and finally, place orders.

This tool will allow you to provide you customers a personalized shopping experience and increase  sales. If you have this feature enabled in your account, this manual will help you learn how to create an order and apply tax exemption. 

If you wish to enable this option, please contact your Account Manager for more information. 

Create an Order

To create an order, click on the “Create an order” option in the “Orders” drop-down menu on the left side bar.

Select the project and the territory on the navigation bar.

After selecting the project and the territory, the Create an Order t tool will display three fields: “Load cart”, “Link order to customer account” and “Search a product”.

Load Cart 

This functionality allows you to load a cart in progress and continue the order after entering a Reference ID. This Reference ID can be provided at two occasions:

  1. To US customers after selecting to apply to TAX exemption on the front-end cart. (see Tax Exemption section on this document).
  2. To agents after using the “save cart” option.

To load a cart, enter the Reference ID on the field and click on “Load” button. The cart in progress will load below these fields on the payment step with all the information about the products in cart and address information.

NOTE: This field is not mandatory for orders without Tax Exemption.

Link an Order

This functionality allows you to link the order to an existent customer account. This field is not mandatory, and it can be used with or without a previously loaded cart. If the customer ID isn’t provided, the order will be placed as a guest checkout.

To link and order to a customer account, click on “customer account” blue text to open the customer’s tab in a new window.

Search customers by email, first name, last name or by using the provided filters. Then click on the “Submit” button to display the results.

Click on the name of the customer to view his full account information.

Copy the customer’s ID, this is located next to the name, paste it on the “Link order” field and click on “Link order” button.

If there is an error with the customer´s ID a pop-up will be displayed.

NOTE: Linking an order to a customer can be done at any moment of the checkout process before the final “place order” step and can be changed as many times as needed. The tool will consider the last linked customer ID.

Add Products 

To add products, you must do a search on the “Search a product” field by typing the name, keyword or product ID. Results will be displayed automatically if the text matches with a result.

To add a product to the cart:

  • More than one of the same product: click on the product as many times as products needed.
  • Different products: click on each product you wish to add.

To close the product results, erase the text typed on the search field.

This action can be done several times. All added products will be added to the cart below. 

In the case a new product is added to cart, the cart will refresh on the cart summary page.

This functionality will display the cart in front-end with some specific changes. The flow will be the same as in front. The new price will display next to the strike-through price.

Change Product Page

To change the price of a product in cart, you must type a new amount on the text box and click on “OK” button.

Depending on the permissions of the user, some of the price editions won’t be performed. If you type an amount higher than the allowed price discount, the cart will automatically change the price to the minimum possible. These editions can be performed several times. The tool will consider the last one as valid. 

Another way to change the price of the product is by entering Promo codes. These discounts will apply even if the products have price editions.

To finish the order, continue with the regular payment process. 

Price editions can also be applied on the “Review order” step.

To save unfinished orders in case you want to remit the order to a different agent. Click on the “Save cart” button below the “search a product” field (this button will be blocked until the abandonment cart has been generated) (after the CTA button from shipping to payment). A pop-up will display with the reference ID of this order. Agents will be able to save it as a PDF.

To create a new order, click on the “Create new order” button below the “Search a product” field. This action will reset all the fields from the cart and can be performed at any point of the checkout.

Tax Exemption 

US carts will have the option of applying for tax exemption. 

When choosing this option in the payment section (billing) of the checkout process a pop-up will be displayed with the following information:

  1. Sales assistant contact number
  2. Order Reference ID
  3. Save ID button - this number will be provided to the sales assistant to recover the cart and finish the purchase on the Order Creation tool.

When loading the cart in the Merchant Back Office "Create an Order" section, all tax exempt documentation will be requested to complete the required fields and verify that the customer is eligible for tax exemption.

Once this process is done, agents must click on "Check if you are tax exempt" checkbox located in the billing section. 

When clicking on tax exemption button, two fields will be displayed: Company Name and Tax ID. Agents must enter the information to continue with the checkout process. 

When clicking "Save & Review Order" the order will be passed through the Tax Engine to verify if the company is eligible for Tax Exemption, if so, the exemption will be applied to the order and the summary will show a tax value of $0.00.