Navigation & Layout Overview


Your store's Merchant Back Office has been designed with a simplified UX that makes it easy to understand and navigate to the features & tools that you wish to use. If applicable, you will be able to access your multiple monostores and territories to be able to configure them within the same dashboard.

Merchant Back Office Navigation & Layout

On the home screen after logging in to your store's Back Office, there are three sections:

  1. Top Right Drop Downs - Monostores, Brands & Territories (if applicable)
  2. Left side - Features & Tools
  3. Center - Data Display

Starting on the left side (2), each of the features & tools are stacked vertically. This is where you will be able to access order information, products, customers, marketing, reports, edit within the CMS, and configure your store's settings.

When selecting any of the tools on the left-hand side, the center section (3) of the screen will repopulate with the display for your selection. 

See example when selecting the Orders tab:

Monostore & Brand Selection

If you have multiple monostores or multiple brands, they can be selected on the top right drop down where the "suitcase" icon is located. Each suitcase and title in the drop down represents their own monostore or brand. By using this drop down, you can configure individual settings between each one.


If your store serves multiple territories, for example, North America and Rest of World, you can configure specific settings individually for each territory.

To select the territory that you wish to update or configure, select from the "All Territories" drop-down on the top right. From there, you will be able to see the available territories associated with your store. Select the territory that you wish to update or configure, and you will see the selected territory name appear on the top right drop down instead of "All Territories".


Whether you need to check on specific orders, edit existing or add new products, configure settings for a certain territory or monostore, your Merchant Back Office enables you to navigate with ease, to quickly make updates and save you time, all in one place.


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