Multi-Warehouse Split Shipment


Merchants with stock in multiple warehouses can set the appropriate warehouse for each product in Scalefast’s Back Office. Orders with products from multiple warehouses must be shipped in multiple packages.

Fulfillment options can only be added by the Scalefast technical team. Therefore, if you are adding or changing a fulfillment option, please contact your Account Manager for assistance.


Default Fulfillment Settings

In the Shipping section of Project Settings of the Merchant's Back Office, for each territory, if you have more than one fulfillment provider and/or warehouse within that fulfillment provider, you may set the default for each. Choosing a default setting does not change the fulfillment and / or warehouse settings set on existing products.

Setting Fulfillment Provider in Add Products and View Products Pages

If you have set a default fulfillment provider and/or warehouse in the Project Settings, then the default provider and/or warehouse will be pre-selected in the Fulfillment section of the Add Products page.

You may select a different provider and/or warehouse for each territory if desired.

NOTE: You cannot choose the fulfillment options for bundles. Instead, the fulfillment of the bundle is dictated by the first product added to the bundle. All products of a bundle must have the same fulfillment settings.

The territories listed in the Fulfillment section match the territories selected in the Product Localization section of the Add Products and View Products pages.

On the View Products page, you may change the Fulfillment settings for all physical products except bundles.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please be sure that the physical stock of the product has been moved to its new warehouse before updating this setting.

If you attempt to change the fulfillment settings of a product that is contained in a bundle, a pop-up message will appear when you try to save the change. The message will display all the bundles that contain that product. Choosing the “Force update” button will remove the product from all of the listed bundles.

For projects where Scalefast is not involved in fulfillment or the sending of EDI’s, you may choose “No Fulfillment Provided” in the drop-down menu. Please understand that this option differs from “Fulfillment by Merchant”. If you have any questions about these settings, please contact your Account Manager before saving any changes.

Order Page

To view the fulfillment information per package ID in the back-office order page, click on the blue arrow in the “More” column in the Fulfillment section. 

Product Search 

In the View Products page, you may filter your search by any of the 3 fulfillment conditions if needed.