Merchant Back Office Intro



This section is a quick overview and introduction of your store's Merchant Back Office tools & features. Each tool is crafted for simplicity in order for you to get the most out of your store's features. After logging into the dashboard, your tools & features are located on the left-hand side, vertically stacked into expandable tabs.


To view your store's orders, select the expandable orders tab on the left, and select View Orders.


From the View Orders display, you will be able to search orders and apply various filters to fine tune the results. For example, if you would like to see all orders that are cancellations, you can select Order status drop down, then select "Cancelled".

Once you complete selecting the filters that you wish to apply, click the "Search" button below the filter field section. Below the "Search" button, the results with the applied filters will populate, along with their statuses on the right-hand side.

For further details and instructions regarding Orders, go to Orders.



When selecting the Products tab, it will expand into six sections: View Products, Product Drafts, Add Products, Import Products, Manage Serial Keys, and Categories & Feeds.
To view and edit your existing products, click the first selection labeled "View Products" within the Products tab:

If you would like to see an unfiltered list of your store's products, skip directly to clicking on the "Search" button and your products will populate below.

If you would like to see a filtered view of your products, select the appropriate drop down, or enter in the SKU, UPC, JAN, ISBN of the product that you would like to display. After selecting the appropriate filters, click on the "Search" button to display the filtered product(s).

For more details about all of the features within the Products tab, go to  Products.



The Customers tab will allow you to view customer information for any order placed through your store. When selecting the expandable tab, three sections will appear: View Customers, View Guest Customers, and Customer Groups.

To search and view customer info, select the Customers tab, then View Customers.

In this section, you can search for a specific customer by email, first name, last name, or additional filters within the "Select a filter..." drop down.

Once at least one of the fields have been entered, select the Submit button to display the customer info below.

If you wish to view all of your customers, do not fill out any of the fields or filters, select Submit, and all customers will display below. In the display overview, the date, location, number of orders, last order number, and total spent details will appear (if applicable).

For more details on the Customers tab, go to Customers.



When selecting the Marketing tab, it will expand into 3 sections: View Campaigns, Campaign wizard, and Campaign editor.

In this overview, select the View Campaigns tab. From here, you will be able to view existing campaigns that are created for your store. In this view, you can search through, edit, update, or delete the existing campaigns.

We'll cover the Campaign wizard and Campaign editor in the Marketing Details section. To learn more about all of the Marketing tab features, go to Marketing.



It's easy to access reports and download multiple types of reports within the Reports tab. The Reports tab contains four sections: Sales report, Downloads reports, Monitor Campaigns, and Business Intelligence. The first two tabs will be explained in this section, but for a more detailed tutorial, go to Reports.

For a visual display of your analytics, select and expand the Reports tab, then select Sales report.
From this tab, you will be able to select date range and various types of filters. Scroll down within the Sales report tab to see additional dimensions.

Within the Reports tab, you can download various reports in the Download reports section.

Reports included are Customers, Products, Waiting list, Sales , and Revenue. Each report has their own set of filters that are applicable. For further details on Downloading Reports, go to Download Reports.



The Advanced tab contains features that allow you to schedule tasks for updates to your store. Whether those updates are changing your home page banner for a campaign, price mark down, or a flash sale, you have the control with a few easy steps.

To view existing campaigns that have already been created, select the Advanced tab, then Products & Store Updates.

In this section, the existing Scheduled tasks will be displayed. If there are no existing tasks, you can select the "+Add a new task" button within this page.

You can also select the Add task tab on the left in the tool navigation.

To add a task, first enter a title, date and select from the drop downs (if applicable). From the "Type" drop down, a task for Product, Feed, or Slideshow can be selected. After filling in the desired settings, be sure to click the "Save" button at the bottom.

For more details and instructions on scheduling a task, go to Scheduling Tasks.



The CMS enables you to customize and edit the modules that compose the front end display of your site. Because the CMS contains many advanced features that are crucial to the display of your store, we recommend that you read Intro to CMS before using this feature.



The Settings tab is typically set and configured for you by our team during the store setup and launch phase. We will cover the main settings that you may want to configure in the future.

The Settings tab is broken down into Project Settings, Flags, User Accounts, Users, and Preferences. Project Settings expands further into General, Territories & Languages, Customer Support, Analytics, Legal Terms, Notifications, and Shipping.

For further details and instructions on each of the tabs within the Settings tab, go to the Settings & Configurations section.


There are many features within the Merchant Back Office that will help you save time. Each tool is designed to be simple to use and effective. Through Business Intelligence and Custom Reports, you will be given the proper insights that will help you make more informed decisions while managing your store.

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