Marketplace Introduction


Scalefast's Marketplace utilizes a cloud platform that allows ecommerce to connect with leading marketplaces globally to find new customers and increase sales opportunities. The client only needs to import the catalog once into their platform and they will be able to create listings in all the marketplaces they are working with. 

The Marketplace is integrated through API to retrieve orders from different marketplaces into our SF backend and automate this process that currently is being done manually, so it’s an obstacle to scale Multi-Channel business. 

With our API connection, we can automate the process smoothly and synchronize catalogs, inventory, order management efficiently to avoid penalties in those Channels.


  • Connector: One-way communication for product details (SF sends the data to the cloud).
  • Link products
    • Channel Selection
    • Shared Stock
    • Buffer
    • Note: We can link the different products that are already in the marketplaces with the ones that we have in the Scalefast Back Office.
  • Order Synchronization: Orders are sent to the Scalefast Back Office where orders can be viewed, and automatically update the shipping / tracking information to the Marketplace.
  • Back-office:  The Marketplace feature can be access through the expandable Marketplace tab in the Back Office related to Products and Orders.