Loyalty Program


Loyalty programs are an excellent way to encourage your customers to return and continue spending money on your store. Loyalty points can be set to specific tiers or configured specific to each product.

When customers are adding a product to their cart, they can see the amount of loyalty points that are included in their purchase. When the customer completes the order, the loyalty points are allocated directly into their customer account.

Loyalty points are then accrued by the customer, which can be redeemed for discount vouchers, coupons, or through a page that displays only reward program products.

If your store does not feature a loyalty program, contact your Account Manager for further steps.

Configuring Loyalty Points on Products

Each of your products can be configured for their own amount of loyalty points. To add or update loyalty points on any of your products, first start out by going to the Products > View Products tab and search for the product that you wish to update.

Once on the product page, scroll down to the Marketing section. Within the Marketing section, the Loyalty Program fields appear first. 

The following fields appear:

  1. Loyalty Points - The amount of points specified to the product.
  2. Loyalty Bonus Points (optional) Bonus points can be added, for example, during a campaign or promotion for the product. The customers will receive the base loyalty points in the first field, plus the additional set amount of loyalty points.
  3. Loyalty Bonus Text (optional) - To display a description regarding the bonus loyalty points for the product, fill out the field, which your customers will see.

After updating your loyalty points on a product, be sure to select the Save button at the bottom to confirm the changes.

Viewing Loyalty Points in Customer Accounts

Within the customer account details under the Loyalty Points tab, each transaction will appear with the associated amount of loyalty points that were specified to each product.

Points can be added if needed, by clicking on the +Add loyalty points button.

After clicking on the +Add loyalty points button, a popup will appear that allows you to add a description for the reason why points are being updated. Within the credit field, the drop down that displays "Add" can be switched to "Remove" then the amount of points are input into the last field.

Once the fields have been completed, click Save to confirm the update.


Our clients who implement loyalty programs into their store typically experience an overall rise in recurring revenue, a drastic increase in returning customers, and higher customer satisfaction. If your store does not yet offer loyalty points, we highly recommend adding a loyalty program to your store. 


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