Intro to CMS


The Content Management System (CMS) allows you to make updated and edits to the front end pages of your store. Changes include updating your navigational menu, banner changes, image changes, links, and displayed text.

Accessing CMS

To access the CMS in your store, go to the CMS tab on the left hand side, then click on CMS.

CMS Layout

The layout of the CMS contains the following elements:

  1. Visit Page - Opens up the link to your store's home page.
  2. Admin Page - Will display the front end page containing the admin settings. This is an advanced feature.
  3. Update All Store Pages - Flush the store's cache to reflect the updates on the front end of the store.
  4. Update Store CDN/quick search - Updates and refreshes cache for CDN/quick search.
  5. Configuration Modules - Each rectangle box is a module that composes the elements on the front end of the store.

Types of Modules

Below is an example of a store's modules with their description:

  • Configuration - Contains modules for site configuration.
    • Update Page Caches - Search for page caches containing specific products, or flush the site cache.
    • All Territories - Advanced, coding knowledge required.
  • Global - Contains the modules that are on all pages of the store.
    • Global Banner - The display message at the very top of the store, on all pages. For example: SPEND $XX AND GET FREE SHIPPING *Click for more details.
      • When the message is clicked, a popup message can be displayed or it can be linked to a specific page within the store.
    • Menu Editor - Contains the navigation menu that exists on all pages. 
    • What's Hot Slideshow - Displays image tiles horizontally within the navigation drop down, can be scrolled through.
    • What's Hot Categories - Displays below the image tiles, with their sub-categories, within the navigation drop down.
  • Generics
    • Category Pages - View existing and add new category pages.
  • Home - Contains all of the modules that exist on the home page.
    • Slideshow - Displays the slideshow banner images that exist above the fold on the home page, in the order and seconds to display each slide before rotating to the next.
    • Pre-orders - Settings and configurations for the pre-order page.
    • New Releases - Settings and configurations for the New Releases page.
  • Sweepstakes - Contains modules for elements that exist on the sweepstakes page.
    • Slideshow - Customize the slideshow image banner.

If you would like to add more modules or elements to your store front end, or would like the ability to have more elements to customize on your own, consult with your Account Manager.


The CMS gives you the ability to quickly make basic edits and updates to the pages within your store. As your store, products, and content evolves over time, the CMS enables you to change your site's elements on the fly without having to submit requests.


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