How to Segment Your Users with RFM

Push your eCommerce user segmentation further with RFM

RFM stands for Recency, Frequency, Monetary. It’s a pretty simple way to assign tags to your customers given their purchasing behavior. These tags can then be used in your user segments in Air360.

Let’s take a quick look at what RFM tags are available in Air360

While all these definitions are easy to understand, they also do require some pretty complicated calculations in order to be done right. Fortunately, Air360 already does all the heavy lifting for us. All we have to do is use our creativity to use these tags to create amazing experiences.

How to use these tags in your user segments?

RFM tags are available under the AI tags section in your Users view.

For example, if we may want to create a user segment with our high potential customers who speak English. This can be done super easily in Air360. First let's enable the AI tags filtering and set it to Users tagged with high-potential-customer as shown below.

Now, let's add our English language in the language filter section and you should get something like shown below.

Last, you can simply export your users in order to create an emailing campaign or even connect Air360 API to your favorite emailing tool with Zapier for example.

How to make RFM tags effective for you?

Now that you know how to create user segments based on these tags and export these segment data. Here are a few ideas you can get inspiration from.

You can also use Air360 API to try to capture email, send a push notification, an email with a coupon. Be creative!

Below is a screenshot from Pistol Lake that will help capture emails for users tagged as #first-timer for example.

You might also be interested to send relevant and aggressive offers to your users who checked fashion related products in your online store and who are tagged as #hibernating

And let's not forget the power of push notifications when they are sent at the right moment, with the right content to your mobile users!

Time to get creative!