How to Export Your User Segments

Easily integrate Air360 segment data with third party software or platform

There are times when you will probably need to export the users from a given user segment to an another tool, for example MailChimp.

Air360 provides an easy way to export your users. Simply select the user segment you want to export and click on the Export button.

Exports are in Excel format (xlsx) in rich format which will allow you to better manipulate the data.

The data in this file is more or less what you have in Air360 interface.

The column UTC best reach time provides an easy way when the user is mostly likely to respond to your emails or push notifications. This data is computed with different methods and will significantly increase your chances to reach your audience at the very best possible moment. As the column says, the time is UTC based (London time) so use accordingly. In case you need more information on this feature or would like to use a different timezone, get in touch with us.