How to create meaningful dashboards

Before all, if you are looking for how to simply create dashboards, please check our Introduction to dashboard first.

This article is more about giving you a few guidelines on best practices we believe at Air360 regarding dashboards.

We see this pattern way too often with analytics: Users get excited about all possible visualizations they can add to their dashboard and start to monitor everything, but it can lead to complexities that can cloud the true picture.

The reality is that dashboard with too much information can end up being overwhelming and hard to understand what is important.

Our advice for efficient dashboards are the following:

  • Make dashboard personal and take ownership of it. There is no such thing as a dashboard that can be useful to everyone. Usefulness is very subjective.
  • A good dashboard should have no more than 6 metrics to keep an eye on
  • Design your dashboard around your North Star Metric
  • At Air360, we love to measure user engagement with this simple chart which can be done extremely simply in Air360.
  • Always follow KISS principle

Key takeway : Simple is always the better route.