Export Control Product Creation


For products with special export controls, the Scalefast Merchant Back Office offers a secure process that allows the merchant to verify that product’s classification type and number are correct before it is made available for sale. Only specific users have the permissions in back office to add, import or edit products, as well as verify or change export control settings. 

Adding Products 

When adding a product with export controls in the Merchant Back Office, you are required to choose a “Classification Type” and input a “Classification Number”. Without this information, the product cannot be saved. Once this information has been provided, the product can be saved, but only in “Suspended” status.

To make the product available for sale, you will need to change the export control information from “Not Verified” to “Verified”.

When you make this change, a pop-up window will appear asking you to verify that this export control information is correct.

Choosing “Cancel” will return you to the previous screen with no changes made.

Choosing “Verify” will:

  1. Set the export control information to “Verified”.
  2. Allow you to change the status of the product to Validated.
  3. Make the product available for sale once the product is published or saved.

When export control information is verified for a product, an entry is automatically added to the change log of that product. The entry will permanently display:

  • Date and time of the verification.
  • The user who made the verification.
  • The export information that was verified.

Changing Export Control Information on Existing Products

To remove export control verification, change the product’s export control information from “Verified” to “Not Verified” and save the product. This will automatically reset the status of the product to “Suspended”.

Later, you may update the export control information and set it to “Verified” again. Be sure to change the product status back to “Validated” when you want to make it available for sale and save the product to update these changes.

If you change the “Classification type” or “Classification Number” of a product, the export control section will automatically be changed to “Not Verified” and the product status will be changed to “Suspended”.

Once you have verified that the export control information is correct, select “Verified” from the drop-down menu again and be sure to set the product status to “Validated” before saving.

When export control information is unverified or changed for a product, an entry is automatically added to the changelog of that product. The entry will permanently display the date and time of the change, the user who made the change and the action that was taken.


Searching products by Export Control Settings

You may search for products in the View Products page in the Merchant Back Office based on their specific export control classifications. To view all products that have been created but whose export control information has not yet been verified, search for “Unverified”.