Creating an object

Issuing the Request

You can create new objects in the e-Commerce Graph by issuing HTTP POST requests to the appropriate object collection. Most of the time, you will be required to provide a valid access token that authorizes you to create such object.

You will always need to pass 2 parameters as JSON objects:

  • Access Token: the access token provided to you by the Scalefast platform.
  • Request Data: the contextual data for that request. The format of this parameter varies for each API.

Most write operations require extended permissions. See the API authentication guide for details on how you can request extended permissions from the user during the authentication step.

Structure of the response

All Scalefast responses contain two JSON objects:

  • result: A JSON object that represents the result of the request, it contains the following properties:
    • status: The status of the request: OK or ERROR
    • errcode: The code number of the error if any
    • msg: A return message. Can be empty.
  • response_data: Contextual response data. The format of this parameter varies with the called API.