Editing, Copying, & Deleting Products


From time to time, product details may change, or your store may no longer carry certain products. This section will show you how to edit products that have already been added to your store, and will show you how to remove them.

We suggest reading through Add New Products, as the basis of information relates to to this article.



Editing Existing Products

Start by going to Products > View Products tab on the dashboard. Input the filters for the product that you wish to edit. If you need additional information about product filters, go to Product Filters to learn more. Once the filters are added, click the Search button to view the product(s) that you wish to edit.

In the results below, select the down arrow icon box to the left side of the product, then select Edit. You can also access the product by selecting the product's internal ID number within the InternalID column on the right.

The product page displays all of the pre-filled information that was entered when it was created. The Changelog button on the top right pops up all of the log history that was entered by users in the past. This is helpful for keeping track who made changes and when.

Scroll down to each of the fields, update each applicable field with the new changes, then select Save at the bottom of the page.

A pop up will confirm that the changes have been saved. If you would like to add notes on what changes are made, input details in the field, then click the Close button to save the notes.

Copying a Product

A product can easily be copied with two methods. One method, within the product details page, select the "Create a copy" button at the bottom of the page.

The second method, is to go back to the Product search page, search the desired product, select the down arrow box icon on the left side, then select Copy.

The copied page displays the same page for adding a new product, but with most of the information pre-filled from the product it was copied from. Be sure to update the appropriate fields, and click Publish at the bottom when ready to launch the new product.

Removing a Product

To remove a product, go to the Products > View Products tab and search for the product that you would like to remove.

Once the product is visible in the search results, click on the down arrow icon box, and select Remove.


Editing, copying, and deleting existing products is simplified to save you time when manage your store's products. Being able to edit a product in one place for multiple territories is extremely beneficial if your products are sold in various countries.


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