Discount Campaign Wizard


The Discount Wizard feature in your store's Merchant Back Office enables you to easily set up and schedule discount codes or discount campaigns. Each selection dynamically changes the information in the summary on the right side. Be sure to review the summary before confirming the discount campaign.

View Existing Campaigns

To view the existing discount campaigns within your store, go to the Discounts tab on the left side > View Campaigns. Campaigns can be searched for and filtered by Campaign ID, Campaign name, Date ranges, Status, and Territories.

If you would like to see all campaigns, click the Search button without entering any filters. The results display below in the Campaigns sections, with the following info:

  1. Campaign ID Number - The ID number associated to the discount campaign.
  2. Campaign Name - The designated name associated with the discount campaign.
  3. Start Date - The specified start date of the campaign.
  4. End Date - The specified end date of the campaign. Can be set to Infinite if it does not expire.
  5. Status - Status is enabled or disabled.
  6. Project - Brand or store name.
  7. Territory - The territory or territories where the campaign is enabled.
  8. Used - Quantity of uses applied to orders.
  9. Allowed Uses - Maximum quantity of uses that will end the campaign once limit is reached. Can be set to Infinite if there is no limit and unlimited uses.

Add New Discount Campaign

To setup and schedule a new discount campaign, go to the Discounts tab on the left side > + Campaign Wizard.

  1. Campaign Name - Enter the name for your campaign.
  2. Territory/Territories - Select a single or multiple territories your campaign will be active in.
  3. Options - Discount types include percentage discount, fixed amount, and free shipping. Percentage discount is the numerical value of discount applied. A minimum purchase limit can be set by checking the box and adding a value for the limit. NOTE: Free shipping applies to ALL shipping methods.
  4. Applies to - The discount campaign can apply to the entire order, entire order including shipping, selected collections or categories, or selected products.
  1. Customer Eligibility - Select whether the discount campaign is available for everyone or specific customer(s).
  2. Discount Code - Enter a specific discount code or if no discount code is required, check the "No discount code required" box. If you would like to generate random one-time use codes, click Generate Batch. We recommend generating no more than 10k codes per campaign.
  3. Coupon Usage Limits - Default selection is unlimited. If you would like to limit the uses of the code, select limited in the drop down, and enter a numerical value limit in the following field. Example: Set limited to 100, and the coupon code will only be available for the first 100 users.
  4. Active Dates - The date range in which the campaign is active. Leave the end date blank if the campaign has no expiration date.
  5. Campaign Status - Enabled or disabled.
  6. Summary - Review the summary on the right before clicking "Save" on the bottom right.

Edit Existing Campaigns

To edit existing campaigns, start by going to the Marketing tab > Discounts > View Campaigns.

NOTE: Only discount campaigns that were created within the Discount Wizard can be edited with the discount wizard. If the campaign is created in Advanced Mode, or if a campaign that was created via Discount Wizard is then edited in Advanced Mode, it can not be edited via Discount Wizard.

Filter the campaigns as needed, or leave blank to view all, and click the Search button.

Select the blue box drop-down arrow on the left side of the discount campaign that you wish to edit.

If the campaign was created with the discount wizard, and by selecting Wizard in the drop down, you will then be able to update the campaign information in the fields that exist when creating a new campaign.

Note: If you are setting up a campaign for a free physical product, ensure to inform your Account Manager in order for split shipment to be applied.

Advanced Mode

If you would like to obtain more information about using Advanced Mode, please see the guide to Advanced Discount Editor.


The Campaign Wizard is the easiest way to automate your store's promotions and discount campaigns. 


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