Dashboards Introduction

For each app or website you have on Air360, you can have multiple dashboards. For some organizations, users might want to create them based on users, while others might prefer by function (Conversions, eCommerce, Traffic source, etc.).

In the example below, we created 2 dashboard with names directly so each user has his/her own dashboard.

To add / modify or delete a dashboard, more information will be added soon.


Now, to check the parameters in the dashboard, review the upper right.

  • The date range selector allows you to select which time range you want your data to be on this dashboard. You can change this at any moment, this is not meant to be something permanent but more like something you play with all the time. Keep this in mind: All widgets in the dashboard show data on this date range.
  • The middle button is for Notes. Notes are a convenient way to keep track of some information regarding your data and how it affected it. For example, maybe on July 8th 2018, you sent a emailing campaign resulting in a trafic spike that day. It's easy for you to remember now but maybe in 2 years, it will not be so fresh in your mind anymore. This feature allows you to insert a note on that day and mention what happened. Last but not least : This is also super useful to keep your team on the same page as all your other team members will have access to this information when looking at the same dashboard over the same period of time.
  • The Add a new chart button does what it says... It adds a new chart 😃

Adding a New Chart

When adding a new chart, you will have the choice of several charts you can add to Air360 as shown below.

Let's add a Session per country chart.

For every widget you add, you will be taken to a step where you can assign a name & a default user segment this chart should use. By default, the Everyone user segment is always used. This can always be changed later or even modified directly in the dashboard as you will see later below.

Let's call it "Sessions per country" and since we want this chart to show the data for all our user base, we choose Everyone as the default user segment.

You can always Preview the chart by clicking on the Preview button on the right.

When the chart is added to your dashboard, you can see on the top right of the chart the user segment and a button as shown below.

The User segment selector allows you to change the user segment that will be used for this data. When reloading your dashboard, it will always revert to the default user segment (Everyone in our case). If you want to change this permanently, you will need to Edit this chart.

Which will take you to the edit view for this chart. If you want sessions only for Bounced users, just update it and Save as show below.

Reorganizing your dashboard

Select the dropdown on the top right of the chart, then it can be dragged to any position and resized.