Customer Details


The Customers tab will allow you to view customer information for any order placed through your store. When selecting the expandable tab, three sections will appear: View Customers, View Guest Customers, and Customer Groups.

Filter Customers

To search and view customer info, select the Customers tab, then View Customers.

In this section, you can search for a specific customer by email, first name, last name, or by turning ON the “Filters” and reaching to additional filters within the “Select a filter” dropdown.

Filter selections include:

  1. Money spent - Amount can be set equal to, less than, or greater than.
  2. Number of orders - Quantity of orders can be set equal to, less than, or greater than.
  3. Place an order - Date range of when orders were placed.
  4. Subscribed to newsletter - Selection includes "Yes" or "No".
  5. Subscription active - Selection includes "Yes" or "No".
  6. Abandoned an order - Display customers who have abandoned their orders.
  7. Account status - Filter for customers who's account status is validated, confirmed, deleted, suspended and pending approval.

Once at least one of the fields have been entered, select the Submit button to display the customer info below.

Customer Details

If you wish to view all of your customers, do not fill out any of the fields or filters, select Submit, and all customers will display below. In the display overview, the following will appears:

  1. Edit Customer - Use the pencil icon to view and edit the customer's info.
  2. Date Joined - The date the customer registered for an account on your store.
  3. Name - Customer's name.
  4. Email - Customer's email.
  5. Location - Customer's location by country.
  6. Orders - Quantity of orders the customer has placed since being a registered user.
  7. Last Order - The most recent order displays by order number.
  8. Total Spent - Total amount customer has spent over lifetime of account.

Access the customer's information by clicking on the pencil icon or their name. A display with various information appears:

  1. Customer Quick Info - Displays name, customer number, date joined, and last logged in date.
  2. Contact, Flag, Reset Password & Notes - : Contact the customer, Flag the customer for internal record, reset their login password, and notes for additional internal records.
  3. Customer Info - Displays name, username, email, date of birth, country, user ID, join date, loyalty points, and status for if the customer is subscribed to newsletter or accepts marketing materials.
  4. Shipping & Billing Info - Displays name, address, email, and phone number. Use the Actions or Edit buttons to update.
  5. Current Order Status - Status can be Validated, Suspended, Deleted, Confirmed or Pending Approval.
  6. Orders, Reviews, Loyalty Points, & Support Requests - By selecting each tab, they will expand containing the information for their label. All data is extracted in real-time to show current orders, customer reviews, loyalty points, and support requests.


Viewing and managing customer info is quick and easy through your store's Merchant Back Office. Whether you need specific information, or you are using it as a pseudo-CRM to communicate and provide customer support, this can all be done in one place.


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