Customer Care Team


The Customer Support (CS) Team is responsible for responding to and resolving all customer-related inquiries that are in regards to your store. Customer inquiries can be submitted directly via your store's support contact form.

Type of CS Requests

Typically types of inquiries that the CS team can resolve are as follows:

  • Assistance with customer's store account
  • Cancellations
  • Checking on order status
  • Helping with product information
  • Modifying existing orders
  • Report a damaged order
  • Report a lost package
  • Report missing item(s)
  • Return an order
  • Verify an order pending validation

Example of CS Contact Form:


Your store's CS team is dedicated to ensuring that your customer's inquiries and questions are resolved as promptly as possible. Customer satisfaction is the primary focus of the CS team. Additionally, they are a helpful source if you need assistance with customer inquiries.


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