Create an Event with Web Event Wizard

For instance, let's say we want to track the users who used the Discount code in our order view.

Step 1: Let's go in the Events section of Air360.

Step 2: Click on Web event wizard.

Step 3: Then enter the URL of your where you want to add an event.

Step 4: Your site should load and you will see a bar on the top of your website that should look like this one

Step 5: As you can see, the top bar indicates we are in Definition Mode. This mode loads your website and lets you simply point and click to the area you want to track as shown below.

You can switch between Definition Mode and Normal Mode at any moment. Normal mode will let you navigate on your website like a regular user while Definition mode will catch all your mouse clicks to create an event.

Step 6: Let's click on the area with our Discount Code and you should see the following appear.

We can see that 1178 users used our Discount code during the past week. Interesting.

Step 7: Because we want to keep an eye on this event, we are going to create an event with it. Create an event in Air360 means simply giving a friendly name to a user event. Let's call this event "Entered discount code".

Step 8: Click on Define Event alias

Congrats, you're done with creating your first event alias! This event alias can now be reused in any parts of Air360.

You can check that your event is created by clicking on the menu Events on this page as shown below. As you can see, your event is there.

Before you go

It's always a good idea to check which events already exist on the page before creating a new event. This will avoid possible duplicates.

You can check which events already exists on the current page by click on "Events on this page" on the top bar. This will bring down a list of all existing events on this page. It will also let you preview the area linked to your event as shown below.

An another useful feature to keep in mind is the ability to move Air360 event definition bar from the top of your browser to bottom of your browser.

When you are done, just click Exit to leave the event visualizer.