Candy Rack (Front End)


The Candy-Rack feature is a cross-sell module that aims to provide customers with suggestions of any possible product that will go with their original selection in order to improve their experience with the products.

This module is located in the Cart Summary Page and it is configured to display products related to the ones that are added to cart.

The importance of this cross-sell is making appropriate suggestions, that takes into consideration the actual need of the customer, in the right point of purchase. This will convert into increasing revenue and profit.

Front End

The CANDY-RACK module is located in the Cart Summary page, below the added to cart products and above the “CHECKOUT NOW” button.

This module is configured to display the feeds related to the added-to-cart-products.

These feeds follow the added-to-cart products order (newest first).


  1. User adds to cart (product “A”) = Candy-rack displays the feeds related to product A.
  2. User adds another product to cart (product “B”) = Candy Rack displays the feeds related to product “B” previous to the feeds related to product “A”.

The products inside the feeds, are also be sortable.

(This is configured in our Back Office)

The name of this module is “Related products” and the module will display a maximum of three products per row.

Regular display:

For more than three products in the Candy-rack, the row will slide to the left and change the displayed products in a loop, every two seconds.

Mouse hovering effect:

The slide will stop and the user will be able to switch the products displayed by using the left/right arrows.

If the Candy-rack has three or less products, the arrows will hide and it won’t display in movement.

If the Candy-rack has one or two products, they will line up to the left.

The product information displayed for the products inside the Candy-rack will be:

  • Image of the product
  • Title of the product
  • Two lines description
    (see next slide)
  • Price

(Every field with a limited number of characters per line)

Clicking on the image or on the title of the product, will open a pop up for the product that was clicked:

To set the two lines of description that are displayed for each product in the Candy Rack, edit the Product Description field in the product editor page:

Every product has its own call-to-action button.

What happens if products with no stock display on the Candy-rack?

  • The products with no stock will only display in the Candy rack if are enabled for pre-orders or backorders. Otherwise, zero stock products should not display in the Candy-racks.
    • The products displayed in the Candy-rack won’t show “In stock” or “Out of stock” text.