Bundled Products


Bundled products allow you to create unique product groupings to offer your customers.  The creation and modification of bundles can be found directly on the Product page in Scalefast´s Merchant.

Adding a Bundled Product

Navigate to the Products tab on the left-hand side of the Merchant Back Office. Click Add Products.

Choose Bundle in the Product type section 

For more details about adding products, go to Adding New Products.

General Bundle Configuration

One of the first steps is choosing who can see the product and determine if the product will be visible in the search engine.

NOTE: if toggle button is set to NO, the bundle will not be visible in the search results.

NOTE: if toggle button is set to NO, the bundle will not be visible in the search results.

Enter bundle SKU and click on check icon. Entering any other ID is optional.

NOTE: SKU and Product ID will be for internal use only, the warehouse will receive IDs of individual products as set on each product´s page.

Choose the category or categories for the bundle.

NOTE: Adding a bundle category will allow you to create discount coupons and link them to this category.

Determine who can purchase the bundle (product permissions) and which territories it can be sold (product localization)

Bundled Product Configuration

Within the configuration for the bundled product, there is a section dedicated to the bundled products you wish to attached to the parent product.  It includes:

  1. Browsing and Adding Productions button.
  2. The Global Discount Toggle
  3. Prices and Taxes section - with a table for each territory and it's currency selection.

Adding Child Products

NOTE: A tooltip in each product will contain the list of territories and their product IDs. You can access the product page by clicking on the link of each territory.


  • Selected product will be added to the territory or territories available for that product.
  • In case one of the products is not available for a specific territory, a summary pop-up will appear explaining which product or products are not available for a specific territory.
  • Only products available for each territory can be added to the bundle of that territory.
  • Only products with the same pricing rule can be added to the same bundle.

Global Discount toggle button will be set to YES by default. This means you can choose to apply a general % discount to all the products in a bundle.

If you wish to add a specific discount to each product in a bundle, set toggle button to NO.

Choose between a % discount or a currency discount from the drop-down menu for each product.

Product final price and bundle final price will be dynamically updated when adding discount amounts.


The pricing rule will be the same as the one stated in each individual product page. If products inside a bundle have different pricing rules, the product can´t be added to the bundle.

Adding Child Products to a specific territory

You can choose to add specific product to a specific territory by clicking on the Add Product button located after each territories table. 

NOTE: only products available for the territory/currency will be added. If one of the bundle products is not available in a specific currency or territory, the bundle can´t be created.

Deleting Child Productions

You can delete one or more products in a bundle table by selecting specific products and clicking on the drop-down menu > "delete selected".

Bundle Display Options

In this section you can set options for:

  • Allowing the storefront to display product links in the bundle page. This will enable customers to click on the link of the specific product, which will redirect the customer to the specific product´s page.

  • Allowing the storefront to display bundle products in the cart. This will enable customers to click on a drop-down menu that will show the products inside the bundle (no links available).

Bundle Pre-Orders

Bundles can also be available for pre-orders.

NOTE: When configuring a bundle as pre-order, all the individual product´s configuration will be overridden and will only follow the rules stated in the bundle.

NOTE: If the release date of the bundle is set before the release date of one or more the products inside the bundle, you will be notified with a warning. You can set the release date, but be aware that the bundle won´t be sent until the dates set on the specific products are fulfilled. We recommend setting the bundles release date at the same time or after the individual products release dates.

Bundle Pre-Order Shipping

All the products of the bundle will be shipped together once the bundle is successfully debited or when the shipping date is set when configuring the pre-order.

If no date is set, the bundle will use the dates set on the pre-order product with the furthest collect date.

NOTE: Bundles will be sent in one same shipment once the bundle is successfully debited. There is no split shipping available for products inside a bundle.

Bundles and Inventory

Bundles will be composed of as many IDs as the number of products in it. IDs will be the ones set on each product page. When tracking a bundle inventory, the bundle inventory will be the same as the product with the lowest stock (not editable). When selling a bundle, a unit of each product´s inventory will be deducted.

Low stock alert can be set specifically for the bundle, you will receive a notification once you hit the established number. If no low stock alert is set on the bundle, you will receive the notifications set on the specific product page.

Stock buffers can be set individually for the bundle.

Copying and Duplicating Bundles

Bundles can be copied in 3 ways:

  1. Add Product Page Header:
  2. Product Page Footer
  3. View Products (page) drop-down menu:


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