Back Office Order Management - View Orders (part 2)


The following guide will allow you to manage orders on the Scalefast Merchant Back Office. In part 2 of the View Orders guide you will learn about:

  1. Cart
  2. Payment
  3. Fulfillment - digital products, physical products and shipping history


We now get to the order details. The cart is very intuitive, and we can find as usual: Product name, price (per unit), quantity, and total.

The ID number on the left is for warehouse purposes only, we normally don’t need it.

The shipping cost is always indicated in a separate voice. Below these voices, we may find additional details such as special discounts.

 …. or taxes (applicable to some countries):

By clicking on the eye symbol:

Then “Edit product”, a new tab will open with all the relevant information regarding the product, including the product ID:

Lots of useful information is available in the product page; later we will talk about this more accurately in a separate chapter.


Below the cart, we can find the Payment section, which tells us what type of payment method was used to purchase the order. In case of PayPal, we can see the email used for the payment; in case of a credit card, the last three digits of the card will be displayed.

Clicking on “Payment history”, will allow us to see each payment phase of the order:

Example 1 – order paid with PayPal, regularly validated:

Example 2 – Order paid with credit card, cancelled and refunded:

In case an order was cancelled, the “Waiting refund” message will not change, no matter what, even if the refund is in process or already issued, the message will remain the same.

Key factors about full order refunds:

  • Once issued, customers receive their money back into the original account usually within 1-7 business days.
  • A full refund can be issued directly from Merchant Back Office only if the payment was captured within the last year. In these cases, the system will process it automatically; if not, we will have to request a manual refund.

    To issue a refund, what counts is the date the payment was captured, NOT the order date. It is important to keep this in mind in case of a pre-order, as the payment could be captured several months after the pre-order was placed.


Just below the Payment section, Fulfillment will provide additional details regarding the order:

  • Package info: number of packages sent and how many products in each one (in case of several products within one single order)
  • Shipping history and shipping method used
  • Tracking number(s)
  • In case of digital products, the status of the game activation key

Digital Products

If the order contains only digital downloads, in Fulfillment we will not find a shipping history, since there is nothing physical to ship. However, in here we can find the delivery status of the game activation key:

  • New = Key locked, not revealed. Order can be refunded
  • Unlocked = Key revealed. Refund no longer possible (exceptions can be made)

Physical Products

Physical games or merchandise (action figures, jewelry, CDs etc.).

In Fulfillment, first we see shipping status and shipping history:

The status Delivery in progress, once an order has been shipped, won’t change: this means that we will read Delivery in progress also when the order has been already delivered. For this reason, it’s recommended to always investigate further with shipping history and the info provided by the tracking number.

Shipping History

It is crucial to understand the shipping history box, as the information in it will determine whether we can modify/cancel an order or not. Example:

These commands correspond to each phase of the shipping process, starting from the bottom one that refers to the moment the process starts until the final step, when the order leaves the warehouse. What we need to remember is:

  • Once the command EDI SENT appears, we can no longer cancel nor modify the order.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) refers to data transmitted to another company; in our case, it means that shipping information has been sent to the shipping company and from that moment onward, no further changes will be possible.

When customers will contact us requesting cancellations/modifications and the command EDI SENT appears, we will explain that the change won’t be possible as the order is ready to be shipped (if command EDI SENT only, but not SHIPPED yet) or that the order was already shipped, in case a tracking number is also displayed in the Fulfillment section.