Back Office Order Management - Order Cancellation and Modification


    In this guide, we are going to focus exclusively on cancellations of a whole order and pre-order. We will leave aside partial cancellations – which involve partial refunds – and other more complex cases, which the CS representative answering L1 and L2 tickets are not required to handle.

     Modify a Pre-Order

    We can modify a pre-order easily, but the change will be possible only for shipping and/or billing address.

    • We cannot add or remove items: we suggest customers to check if their desired products are still available in the store, place the correct order and then cancel the old pre-order. Most of them will then cancel the old pre-order by themselves, but we can do it in case they request our assistance.
    • A customer may request to change the payment method: he/she can do it from the store account in the manage order section. If unable to do so, we can suggest the same step as above: check if items in stock, place the new order correctly and then cancel the old one. 

    Cancel a Pre-Order

    We can cancel a whole pre-order as long as the status remains as Pre-order. Once we have opened the pre-order, we click on Edit status:

    Then, we select the status Abandoned:

    Once switched to Abandoned, we can insert a quick comment regarding the cancellation and finally click Validate:

    We have completed the pre-order cancellation correctly and our comment will be available inside the voice Changelog.

    Modify an Order

    At this stage, we know that a validated order has already been charged and that we can modify it only if the command EDI SENT does not appear yet. We can only change the shipping address, but NOT the billing address because there is already an invoice for the order.

    NOTE: We cannot add or remove items from a validated order. If EDI has not been sent yet, we can cancel the whole order, but first we need to advise customers to re-purchase the desired items correctly.

    Cancel an Order

    We can cancel an entire validated order (if EDI not sent yet) by clicking on Edit status:

    Then, we switch the status to Cancelled:

    After writing a note, make sure to click on the restock button and then validate.