Air360 Tracking Pixel Setup on Store

Air360 tracking pixel or SDK can be set extremely easy with very basic technical skills. Depending on what you want to track, you can use our web pixel or native SDK.

Enable Air360 tracking on your iOS application

The process is extremely easy and done in a few steps. Ask your developer to go to navigate to the following link: (a valid Air360 account might be required).

Enable Air360 tracking web pixel

Air360 tracking pixel can be installed on any web application by simply adding a script tag in your HTML. To get your Air360 pixel, ask your developer to navigate to the following link:

Integration checklist

While Air360 tracks everything by default, in some cases, there are events that can't just be tracked for technical reasons or for privacy reasons. This includes your user emails when login or signup or their purchases/orders, these need to be explicitly tracked via a very simple line of code.

To get the full picture of what is going on your application or website, ask your developer to check this integration checklist: