Affiliate Program Introduction


Affiliate programs are a great way to increase exposure and drive more revenue. If your store is setup to offer an affiliate program, you will be able to utilize a number of features to maximize effectiveness of your affiliate program.

If you do not have an affiliate program setup in your store, but would like to, please contact your Account Manager.

Accessing Affiliate List

To access a display view of your existing affiliates and their statuses, login to your Merchant's Back Office, then click on the Affiliates tab on the left-hand side. The tab will expand to a View Affiliates tab, select View Affiliates.

From this view, you will be able to search for your affiliates directly by email address or by Track ID.

If you do not have a specific affiliate to search for, click the search button without entering information into the fields, and all of your affiliates will display below.

Each column will show you the following information for each affiliate:

  1. Track ID - The auto generated track ID number unique to each affiliate.
  2. Name - Affiliates registered name.
  3. Email - Affiliates registered email.
  4. Location - Country in which affiliate resides.
  5. Orders generated - Quantity of orders generated since the affiliate has been approved as an affiliate.
  6. Last generated order - The last order date related to the affiliate.
  7. Total earned - Total amount earned since the affiliate has been registered.
  8. Due amount - The amount owed to the affiliate.
  9. Affiliate request - The status of the affiliate can be set to approved, pending, denied.

Accessing Affiliate Account Info

To view the details contained in an affiliate account, select the user's Track ID number.

After selecting the Track ID number, the following account details will display:

  1. Joined/Last Login - The date of affiliate registration and when they last logged in.
  2. Contact affiliate, Flags, Notes - Contact affiliate to email them, update important details in the flag section, or take notes.
  3. Contact details - Name, Email, Location, Track ID, Affiliate URL, Affiliate since, total amount earned, amount due, and tracked orders.
  4. Payout details - Shows the amount paid out to the affiliate.
  5. Flags - Displays any important information entered through the Flag button.
  6. Status - Status can be validated, pending, or denied.
  7. Tracked Orders - The orders completed related to the affiliate.
  8. Payments - The payments made to the affiliate.


Select the Tracked orders tab to see all of the past orders related to the affiliate's unique tracking ID. Within the Tracked orders tab, the following information displays:

  1. Order ID - The unique order ID number assigned to your store's orders.
  2. Date - The date that the order was placed.
  3. Order value - The value of the order placed.
  4. Commission - The commission paid out to the affiliate.
  5. Status - Status of the order.

Select the Payments tab, the following information displays:

  1. Transaction ID - The unique transaction ID assigned to the affiliate payment.
  2. Account type - The type of account related to the affiliate.
  3. Status - Status can be updated to Pending, In progress, Paid, Canceled, On hold
  4. Date - The date that payment is requested for payout.
  5. Amount due - Total amount due for payout.
  6. Payment details - Any additional details related to the payment.


Affiliate programs, when correctly utilized, can grow and expand your store's presence exponentially. Not only will your traffic increase, the quality of traffic, conversions, and overall revenue typically increases as well.


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