Add a New App

Add a new app

An app is actually very simple to create in Air360. Click on the top left of menu bar which will bring down a menu as below. Click on Add new application.

You will then be taken to a view like this

App name can be any label that you choose, you can always change this later and has no technical impact.

Timezone needs to be set to the timezone that best represents your website activity. This should be ideally where your main audience is. This timezone will be the one used on all your dashboards and in a general way, everywhere in Air360 with data visualizations. For more information about how to set the timezone,

If you are not the one who will install Air360 tracking pixel, just insert the email of your colleague who can do it. Your colleague will immediately receive in an email with pixel installation instructions. Alternatively, you can give your colleague a link to this article. We have put below a few pointers to help you set up Air360 correctly.

You're done for the non technical part. Now ask your developer to enable Air360 tracking.